PulsaCoil Repairs By Experts

PulsaCoil Repairs are what we do day in day out. Watch our video to see how we can help you.

PulsaCoil 3 Repair

Gledhill PulsaCoil 2000 Repair

PulsaCoil A Class Repair

We’ll Carry Out Your PulsaCoil Repairs

Book your Gledhill PulsaCoil Repairs to be carried out by a trained, qaulified and competent experts. After that you no longer need to worry.

The Pulsacoil Repairs engineer who attends your property will diagnose your system and find whatever is faulty with it and causing your system not to work correctly.

Many customers have told us that they have called a plumber to repair their system only to be told they need an electrician. When they call an electrician, they have been then told they need a plumber.

Also they have had one or more engineers out who either don’t know what they are doing or keep coming back and changing more things.

Unlike these engineers, our engineers are able to work both on the electrical and plumbing side of a PulsaCoil system. On top of all this our engineers are able to test you electrics in case the issue is not your PulsaCoil unit but your mains electrics. So in fact you are getting a plumber, electrician and PulsaCoil engineer all in one.

Remember all we work on are PulsaCoil systems. Our vans are stocked with PulsaCoil parts to carry out repairs there and then. You will also receive a safety check and basic service on your system when you book a repair.

We charge an hourly rate plus materials when we are doing Pulsacoil repairs so if the job takes 1 hours you won’t be charged a fix rate at £400 +. We aim to do a long term repair so you don’t keep having problems year after year.

PulsaCoil Repairs For Which System?

Below is a list of systems that are repaired by us:

Click on any of the links above to find out more. We also have manuals available for each of these systems.

If you would like to discuss your boiler further in detail or book a PulsaCoil repair please call 0800 046 1241.

We Will Send You Our Engineer

You don’t have to worry about who we send you. You will receive an engineers who is trained, employeed and qaulified to work on your system.

All engineers are CRB checked to ensure your safety and the safety of anyone else in your property.

Pulsacoil Repairs By Qualified Engineer

Pulsacoil Repairs By Qualified Engineer

PulsaCoil Repairs By Yourself?

For safety reasons we would recommend you call a professional and do not carry out Pulsacoil Repairs By Yourself. You can cause further damages to your system if you do not know what you are doing.

But if you decided to carry out a repair yourself check out our self help guide which may resolve your problem. If you need spares visit our approved supplier Supplied Direct.

Watch Out With Costly Mistakes When Having Your Pulsacoil Repairs Carried Out

Many companies do not understand how PulsaCoil systems work. This is why we have made the video below which shows you costly mistakes they make knowingly or unknowingly.

Remember we are experts when it comes to Pulsacoil Repairs.

Self Check Guide

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Have your PulsaCoil Replaced by an Expert. 1 Year warranty on parts and labour and 5 year sliding scale backed by the Manufacture.

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PulsaCoil Repairs

Have your PulsaCoil Repaired an Expert. Includes 1 year warranty on all parts we install.

PulsaCoil Repairs By An Expert

Safety With A Service

Have your PulsaCoil Service carried out by an Specialist. Includes free safety check.

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PulsaCoil Parts

Find out information on parts and buy them direct through our approved supplier SuppliedDirect.Co.Uk

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