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A PulsaCoil installation carried out correctly will ensure you get the full benefits of a system which is working correctly and a valid warranty backed by the manufacturer.

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PulsaCoil Installation Needed? Whats The Latest System?

If you need a PulsaCoil installation carried out then you need the latest PulsaCoil Eco Stainless system. An open vent, main pressured, thermal store water heater.

PulsaCoil Installation The New PulsaCoil Eco Stainless

PulsaCoil Installation The New PulsaCoil Eco Stainless

This system does not require a pressure and (or) temperature relief valve and subsequently does not require a discharge pipe into a soil stack. Therefore it overcomes the requirements of Part G building regulation. Also it does not legally require annual maintenance but maintaining the system on an annual basis is highly recommended.

PulsaCoil Installation With High Corrosion Resistance

Gledhill has developed the PulsaCoil ECO Stainless from high corrosion resistant stainless steel. Unlike majority of other thermal stores in the market similar to the PulsaCoil Eco. The Gledhill PulsaCoil Eco is not copper based like most of them. Also previous models were copper except for the PulsaCoil Stainless. Below is a list of these previous systems:

The biggest problem of corrosion on these previous models has now been addressed by Gledhill ensuring a longer lasting PulsaCoil thermal store and less breakdowns from a reliable company serving the industry for over 40 years.

What Is Inside A New PulsaCoil Installation?

Domestic hot water is created by an immersion heating element or elements. The the hot water is transferred through a highly efficient plate heat exchanger.

The new ErP ready pump has reduced delivery time by 75% compared to previous models. It is not just the ErP pump that has helped achieve this but also the new PCB, software and flow sensor.

Hot water is instantaneously heated as it passes through the plated heat exchanger and delivered to the taps. This method completely removes the risk of legionella and majority of other bacteria affecting health.

Basically the hot water in the tank physically does not come out of the tap but uses this method to create heat transfer. That is why it is important to ensure the right thermostat rod and element is used inside the system.

Also its innovative design helps make repairing, installation and on going maintenance very straight forward for homeowners and installers.

Other Benefits Of A New PulsaCoil Installation

Other benefits of this new PulsaCoil installation include that the immersion elements are situated in the same primary water at all times. This means the water is not renewed so no scaling should take place, even in hard water areas.

As the cylinder can utilise the off-peak electricity it keeps the running costs for the householder down to a minimum. Ensure the correct sized system has been selected for installation.

More Information Needed On Your New PulsaCoil Installation?

To find out more about your new PulsaCoil Installation, or the system you are considering to install, click on this link: Gledhill PulsaCoil Eco Stainless. If you already have a PulsaCoil and simply want it replaced please click on this link to find out more: PulsaCoil Replacement.

Want Us To Carry Out Your PulsaCoil Installation?

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5 Reasons We Should Carry Out Your PulsaCoil Installation

Below are 5 reasons you should choose us to carry out your PulsaCoil installaion:

  1. Trained, qualified, experienced engineers carrying out PulsaCoil installations
  2. 24 Hours assistance on PulsaCoil systems
  3. 1 Year parts and labour warranty
  4. 5 Years sliding scale warranty backed by manufacturer
  5. Pulsacoil installation systems in stock and no long waiting time.

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