PulsaCoil A Class Service

We at GledhillPulsaCoil.Com are experts when it comes to carrying out a PulsaCoil A Class service. Our PulsaCoil A Class service engineers are equipped with the correct tools and testing instruments to carry out a full inspection and service. We also keep part on board our vans reducing the chances of a revisit. If we find any minor or major faults we should be able to fix them there and then.

PulsaCoil A Class Service

PulsaCoil A Class Service

What A PulsaCoil A Class Service Finds

Below is a video which explains the 5 most costly mistakes we find when carrying out a PulsaCoil A Class service. These mistakes are made by engineers who do not have the training, qualification and experience when it comes to working on Gledhill PulsaCoil products. They are what we class as incompetent.

Watch the video below to find out what the 5 most costly mistakes are.

Our service also provides a report of the condition of your PulsaCoil A Class for buyers and sellers.

Why Choose Us To Carry Out Your PulsaCoil A Class Service?

With many companies out there claiming to be able to carry out a PulsaCoil A Class service and report it can become confusing on who to pick. If you’ve watched the video above, you should know how important it is to get the right company in.

PulsaCoil A Class Service Benefits Through Us

Below is a list of the benefits when choosing us:

  • Trained, experienced, qualified and competent in carry out a PulsaCoil A Class service.
  • Reports issued on request for insurance company. Letting agents and buyers or sellers.
  • Part for PulsaCoil A Class kept in stock on board van. Avoid a revisit if possible.
  • Engineers will give you advice on how to use your system correctly when on site.
  • Possibly reduce running costs of your PulsaCoil A Class thermal store.
  • Check external electrical supply powering your system.
  • Confirm system is safe by checking for dangerous situations.

With all the above benefits you cannot go wrong by choosing us to service your PulsaCoil A Class.

We also have a forum which you can post technical or simple questions about your system and get a response back from an engineer who works on Gledhill PulsaCoil thermal stores everyday.

If you would like to book a service or get a report. Call 0800 046 1241 or fill in our online form for a member of our team to assist you.

Don’t risk getting your PulsaCoil A Class service carried out by non experts.


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