PulsaCoil 2000 Service And Reporting

PulsaCoil 2000 service and reporting is what we specialise in. You can trust us to service your PulsaCoil 2000 correctly and hand you an accurate report on its condition. We only work on Gledhill PulsaCoil water heaters.

Increasing the systems lifespan including components, improving efficiency and making it safe is our priority. We cover all aspects of your system including external factors such as the electrical supply when carrying out a PulsaCoil 2000 service. Our trained engineers know what to look out for so you can rest assured that your system with be serviced to a high standard.

Also the PulsaCoil 2000 service and reporting covers reports for estate or letting agents and for selling or buying a property. We also provide this service for insurance companies.

PulsaCoil 2000 Service And Reporting Faults Found

It the video below we go over 5 costly mistakes we find when carrying out PulsaCoil 2000 service and reports. Also we find these mistakes when we are called in to repair a PulsaCoil 2000. We recommend you watch this video and see if you can identify if it has happened to you or not.

PulsaCoil 2000 Service By The Specialists

PulsaCoil 2000 service & reporting is very important in keeping your water heater lasting longer and being safe. Would you rather not know if there is a problem costing you money or if something is unsafe? We think not.


More and more PulsaCoil 2000 water heaters are becoming faulty due to their age. An increase number of electricians and plumbers are attempting to rectify these faulty units. They are doing so without realising they are costing the customer more money in the short term by spending unnecessary time guessing what is wrong. They are also costing customers in the long term by installing incorrect parts which cost more to run long term.

PulsaCoil 2000 Service Specialist

PulsaCoil 2000 Service Specialist

We carry out PulsaCoil 2000 service and reports on the following Gledhill Thermal Store as well:

Pulsacoil 2000 Service & Reporting Information

Each PulsaCoil 2000 service and report is unique. The faults that need fixing can be different for each apartment. On our basic report and PulsaCoil 2000 service we will check for the following and carry out minor fixes where possible:

  • PulsaCoil 2000 Water Pressure Amount
  • Water Flow Rate In Litres Per Minute
  • Electrical Connections Tightness
  • Thermal Imagining Of Relays For Overheating
  • Leakage Inspection At Components And Cylinder (Where Possible)
  • Signs Of Burning Internally And Externally (Circuits Related To System)
  • Corrosion Of Components And Cylinder
  • Rusting Of Essential Components
  • PulsaCoil 2000 Incorrect Installation
  • Earthing Arrangement
  • Electrical Breakage
  • Wear And Tear On PulsaCoil 2000
  • And Much More….

Fill in our online form or call us today on 0800 046 1241 to discuss the report and servicing of your PulsaCoil 2000 open vent system, or to book in a visit by our specialist.

As well as a PulsaCoil 2000 service and reporting. We provide additional services. Find out more about having your repaired or your unit replaced. We also offer a PulsaCoil installation service for new builds.

Please use our forum where you can post technical or basic questions about your PulsaCoil 2000 unit, its parts or anything to do with a PulsaCoil 2000 manufactured by Gledhill. Please feel free to use it and know a specialist will respond. It is best to get the right advice from specialists who know your PulsaCoil 2000. And trust us. Many other forums are giving the wrong information out.

* Please note if we find your system cylinder is leaking we will only charge you the basic service rate and quote you to replace the system complete.
* If we find your system to need major work doing to it. We will quote you on that and may be able to do it there and then.
* If system is unsafe or needs repairs carried out we will be unable to provide in writing that the system meets standards.
* We are part of Vedhas Ltd.

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